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About me

💖Hi my names Alissa,I’m 12 years old i go to jams and i love it.I love music and dancing. Also love meeting new people  i hope you love it to. i love the color  blue 💙. Also  I love  animals and i have great taste of fashion. My favorite thing to do is relax with nature and traviling.💖 I live in California and i love the ocean and its fresh air.I have five pets but i used to have 7.I have 3 birds one is a yellow winged parrakeet named kieko he is the size of a mango. Then i have to parrakeet´s one is green we named him tweety and the other is blue and white we named her sky I used to have a yellow one named sunny but he always wanted to fly so we put him in a tree but he still lays in it.then i have a chinchilla named chip he looks like a bunny but with a long furry tail he is the size of a little watermelon, and i have a hamster named hammy but his family breads like crazy i used to have 20 it was crazy  but i didnt want  them to feel like there not loved so i gave them to nice families. I used to have a dog named Max but he passed to another great place.



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